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Hi, you can check out our school's wiki site for some lesson plans our teachers have developed at http://chineseschoolde.wikispaces.com

SUB LESSON PLANS - March 28-31

** Both sections are taught in 1117 JFSB

Section 1 - 8:00

Section 2 - noon

March 28 - Josh y David
March 29 - Josh y Ashlee
March 30 - Josh y Ernesto
March 31 - Josh y Ixchel

On my shelf by my desk, there's a folder for each section which has the rubrics for the oral presentations and the attendance sheet. Please pass the attendance sheet around each day and return it to the folder and to my shelf so that the next sub can use it the next day. Also, I have two sets of books for you to use, but you'll have to share probably. There are 2 books - The Ultimate Spanish review and Practice and Opiniones.


Here are any and all of the materials that you might need. Just take a look at the lesson plans and it indicates what you'll need :)